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Automate your reviews in under 10 minute

Why use a review automation software?

  • No Customer Left Behind – ensure all your customers are followed up for reviews and feedback, “The end of a sale is the beginning of another”.
  • Save Time – stop wasting your valuable time on task that can be automated and use it to gain more business.
  • Save Money – with plans starting from as littlie as $50 / month there is no reason to manually follow up your customers.
  • Get More Sales – as the number of your business reviews grows so does your online reputation and customer enquiry.

Watch our 30 seconds video.

Watch our 30 seconds video showcasing a customer journey using our reviews automation platform.

Experience it as your customers would.

Try Before You Buy

One-click RapidReviews test drive “Experience it as your customers would.”

RapidReviews peace of mind warranty

We understand you are unsure if reviews automation will work for your business that’s why we are standing behind our claims:

  • 30 days money back  – if you receive no reviews within the first month we will refund you the money
  • No Lock In Contract – we are confident this will work for you and you will see the benefits almost instantly so there is no need to lock you in a lengthy contract like some of our competitors.

What our customers have to say:

We struggled for years to get more reviews from our existing customers, and then we joined RapidReviews. As soon as we joined RapidReviews our reviews numbers increased in Google, and so did the number of clients, as they gained more trust in the excellent travel services we offer.
Tony S
Manager Hello World

Reviews automation - FAQ

Why use us?

  • Simply the same reason you take your car to a mechanic or you call an electrician to fix your electrical work.
    • Automating customers follow-ups is what we do best.
  • RapidReviews platform is one of the best and most affordable platforms in the world.
  • Our main goal is to maximise the amount of reviews your business will receive from your existing customers.

How much would you pay?

  • To know what your customers think about your business?
  • To get feedback where your business is falling short so you can improve?
  • To be able to reuse your valuable time for more proactive tasks?
  • To increase your business online reputation?

As each business requirements are unique we have tailored different packages starting as low as $50 / month.

Contact us for a custom pricing.


  • One of the keys to a profitable and successful business is to automate as many tasks as you can.
  • As business owner, you are always concerned with the daily business tasks, following-up your customers is not usually on your main priority list.
  • Allocate the time spent following up your customers to other more business critical tasks so you can achieve a more productive day.

Following up your customers is a time consuming task that it’s hardly achieved in most of the business. RapidReviews has simplified the automation process that once set it doesn’t need any more human interaction.

Google reviews automation has never been easier.

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