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Benefits of RapidReviews Automation


1st Place Award 2020 for the most streamline reviews platform on the market.

Why should you choose RapidReviews?

No Lock-In Contract

RapidReviews is the only reviews company that has a no lock-in contract.

We are confident this will work for you, and you will see the benefits almost instantly, so there is no need to lock you in a lengthy contract like some of our competitors.


Automated Screening System

RapidReviews platform ensures the people you want reviews from to have an excellent experience to share and are likely to leave a positive review for your organization.


Thoughtful Reminders

RapidReviews platform uses non-invasive email and SMS reminders that are proven to increase positive reviews. The amount of reminders sent is entirely customizable.


Negative Review Routing

People who want to leave a negative review do so because they need to vent frustration. Our platform gives them the ability to leave negative feedback but keeps it out of the public eye. The negative feedback will be sent to you and you only.

All Review Websites

Online reviews are extremely important, so why limit yourself to Google or Facebook? Our review platform works on ALL websites and generates reviews anywhere you wish.

Unlimited Reviews

We will never limit the number of positive reviews or impose additional costs. Our review automation platform has a low monthly cost that can be budgeted for.

Boost SEO, CPC, and Online Reputation

By increasing the number of positive reviews for your business, your website and Google maps listings will rank higher than your competition, and your CPC paid campaign cost will drop.

It takes less than 10 minutes to automate your reviews?

With Free Trial and $1.50 / day after the trial period, there is no excuse for not following up with all your customers.

"The secret in getting more reviews is to constantly ask for them"

RapidReviews - Get's you reviews on all the sites that matter.

Why choose RapidReviews?

We understand you are unsure if a review platform will work for your business that’s why we are standing behind our claims:

  • 30 days money back  – if you receive no reviews within the first month we will refund you the money
  • No Lock In Contract – we are confident this will work for you and you will see the benefits almost instantly so there is no need to lock you in a lengthy contract like some of our competitors.

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