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QR Codes Check-in System

COVID-19 Digital Guest Registration Service

QR Codes Guest Registration Service

Using QR code to collect patron details.

From Monday 23 November 2020, it is mandatory for all NSW businesses to use and electronic check-in method.

RapidReviews is offering a QR code generator and customers data handling in accordance with Australian Privacy Laws.


10 Reasons why you should use RapidReviews QR code feature:

  1. It’s simple and inexpensive.
  2. There is no lock-in contracts.
  3. QR-Code Generator included.
  4. SMS and Email check-in methods are also available.
  5. All your customer’s data is stored securely onshore in Australia.
  6. We comply with the Australian Privacy Laws.
  7. Access to your customers data is password protected.
  8. Easy export of your customer data if required by the government.
  9. Customer data is deleted after the 56 days period (or otherwise specified by COVID-19 policies).
  10. Friendly Australian support staff.

Interested in our QR Codes Check-in System?

Contact us today for a Free Demo.

    No need to panic, using our QR code app you can send the customer an SMS or Email invite that will help them check-in electronically.

    There are two options:

    1. You provide the customer with a tablet that has the QR code check-in app already open so the customer can check himself in.
    2. One of your lovely staff can check them in using the app on their phone, tablet, PC or any electronic device that can open and internet browser and has access to the internet.

    To get your QR code for your business, you just need to sign up to the RapidReviews platform, and the QR code will be automatically generated for you.

    We have different packages to suit different businesses based on customer volume.

    • All the emails invites are free on all our packages.
    • SMS prices vary based on the volume of customers that need to be followed up;
    • Some packages include free SMS quota.

    Contact us so we can give you an exact cost.

    The answer is NO, we have no lock-in contracts, but we do require 25 days notice to stop your subscription.

    *A QR code operates like a barcode, providing information once read by a smartphone camera app.
    *Some smartphones may require a free QR code reader app, which are available from the Android or iPhone stores.

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