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An Easier Way to Get Reviews

"The secret in getting more reviews is to constantly ask for them"

Why and How to Automate Customer Follow-ups?

Why should you automate your customer follow-ups?

TIME is MONEY regardless if it is your time or your employee’s time.

So it makes perfect sense to automate as many processes in your business as you can to increase profitability.

How to automate your customer follow-ups?

To automate your customers’ follow-up, you need to take advantage of a platform specifically designed and perfected for that purpose.

When it takes less than 10 minutes to automate your reviews, it goes without saying that automation is the way to free your time and ensure that all your customers are followed up.

How reviews automation works?


1. Customer receives message

The customer will be sent an automated email and/or text message to review your business from the RapidReviews platform.


2. Customer leaves review

Once the customer receives the invitation they are directed to review your business online (on sites such as Google, Facebook etc) — boosting your digital reputation.


RapidReviews in action

Short Explanation video on how the automation process works.

What to know why RapidReviews is the platform you should test?

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RapidReviews - Get's you reviews on all the sites that matter.

RapidReviews Peace of Mind Warranty

We understand you are unsure if a review platform will work for your business that’s why we are standing behind our claims:

  • 30 days money back  – if you receive no reviews within the first month we will refund you the money
  • No Lock In Contract – we are confident this will work for you and you will see the benefits almost instantly so there is no need to lock you in a lengthy contract like some of our competitors.

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